Best Holiday Gifts for Grandparents

Onnie’s Art provides art activities for older adults, plus easy-to-follow tutorials.  This holiday season, the best gift for grandparents is a fun and engaging activity that also offers a memorable experience. Plus, with a subscription, your gift arrives to their doorstep all year long!

When you give an Onnie’s Art box, you give the gift of…

1. Creativity - Take pride in making own artwork, learn a new skill, and enhance self-expression.  Boost self-esteem and self-awareness, and foster a strong sense of identity.

 Painting techniques 

2. Connection - Do an art activity with a loved one, caregiver, or community members.  Or create on own time at own pace and discover an artistic connection to yourself.  Reduce stress, anxiety, and fear.  Experience the calmness of focused attention and enjoy a naturally relaxing activity.

 Connect with loved ones

3. Sharing - Show off works-in-progress and finished art by posting photos on social media.  The Onnie’s Art Community on Facebook is a fun and supportive way to share artwork and make new friends.  Don’t forget to tag Onnie’s Art and use #OnniesArt when sharing!

Sharing online

4. Giving - Gift artwork to friends and family.  Onnie’s Art boxes have activities that make wonderful presents and keepsakes.  From handmade color pencil postcards or watercolor greeting cards than can be mailed, to canvas board paintings and hand-painted puzzles, giving your art projects is sure to bring happiness to others too.

 Gifts for grandparents

5. Wellbeing - Living purposefully by having enjoyable activities is key to longevity.  Making art can reduce boredom and the actual movement can support muscle memory and strength.

Joy from art

6. Joy - Enjoy the playfulness and experimentation of making art.  Experience the meditative focus of the creative process and feel the pride that comes from completing a piece of art.  Most of all, have fun!

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