Frequently Asked Questions


Is Onnie's Art a subscription box?

We launched Onnie's Art with a subscription box model in September 2020, but have transitioned to offering 3 art activity boxes that can be ordered at any time for individuals, partners, or in bulk for larger groups.

Based on YOUR feedback, we may re-open the subscription box option, but wanted to provide the most options available to our participants NOW (as opposed to waiting for new boxes to be released).


Is Onnie's Art just for "older adults"?

Onnie's Art was created during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown orders. There has never been an age restriction on who can participate, but the vision at the time was to provide art activities and an online community for older adults that were unable to leave their homes. As months went on and restrictions were lifted, it was clear that Onnie's Art is great for people of all ages and skill levels. It became part of the remote option for painting activities within my primary business, Corporate to Canvas and can be enjoyed by friends, families, and coworkers all over the country.


How do I find the tutorials and control at my own pace?

When you receive your box, there will be an instruction card inside for accessing the online tutorials. 

VIDEO: Videos have a pause button in the lower left (if you don't see it, hover the mouse over the video), and you can use the progress bar to go back and rewatch or advance to a later section on the video.


How difficult are the art projects?

We create activities that are simplified for beginners and also offer suggestions for more advanced / skilled hobbyists! Because original artwork and tutorials are created for each box, we make numerous recommendations and tips for all skill levels.  We pride ourselves on having easy-to-follow tutorials and also offer an online community to ask questions, share ideas, and show progress of your art projects. Of course, you are encouraged to explore your own artistic skills and create your own artwork with the materials you receive too!


What is the Onnie’s Art Community?

In addition to connecting with others within our private Facebook group, we’d love for you to share photos (and videos) of your artwork!  Use #OnniesArt on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest posts for a chance to be featured on our social media and our website.


How do returns work?

You may return a kit that is in its original condition within 30 days of receiving it. Once it’s back at our studio and inspected, we’ll issue you a refund for the box. Please note that you will cover the cost of shipping in both directions. Of course, if there’s something wrong with your box, please contact us! 


Do you ship internationally?

No.  At the moment we are just shipping within the US, but do have a vision of expanding worldwide!  Please join our Newsletter to receive updates on international orders.


What if my box arrives damaged or gets lost in the mail?

While we do have tracking, once boxes leave our studio, we all rely on the delivery service.  Please let us know immediately if your box arrives damaged and we will file a claim and give you a refund.  Please let us know ASAP if you did not receive your box.  If you suspect it was stolen, please file a police report so we can take appropriate measures given the situation.